check boxExperienced

I have multiple years of experience, having worked on a range of projects from print to web, newsletters to presentations and everything in between. I have an excellent understanding of layout requirements and constraints for transfering print projects to the web and mobile devices. Just so that you do not think I'm making this up, my portfolio shows some client work demonstrating a range of skills.

check boxDesign Aware

A Designer at heart. I often bore my non-designer friends with good design examples. I have a good foundation in design concepts; typography, colour, layout - often follow a grid layout, make sure the text has enough breathing space. I have a soft spot for clean, simple and accessible designs. You won’t get, flashy sites with bright green buttons popping out or images that talk to you! If that’s what you want probably best go to a software user that learnt to use the software just so that they can do all those dancing images and use every font available!!

check box Communication skills

We all know communication is very important for any project (more so when working remotely). I'm proactive and will always reply to your emails (not to spammers!). I have a good grasp of the English language (and Greek and a bit of Swahili), often end up editing or proofreading the project that I am working on - working with Editors came in very useful.

check box Project Management

Working independently requires constant adaptation, flexibility and have a' can do' attitude. It has given me the opportunity to manage all aspects of the creative process; from generating ideas, to taking them from conception to production. I’m able to manage multiple projects with pretty good problem solving skills, responsive to deadlines, project schedules and (most of the time) restrictive budgets.

check box Technically skilled & technology aware

A strong balance of creativity, knowledge and interest in new technologies allows me to combine the two and create good, usable designs. As I have been using Adobe CS for most of my working life, you could say I’m a natural - then follow other industry related applications. If I'm not familiar with the version you are using then it can be picked up quickly. Let's be honest, not many people know everything and we only use the apps we like to do the job. I have a good understanding of how front-end code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) is employed to convert visual designs into usable websites. I'm able to code most of my work and happy to do it, but I believe coding should be left to the experts, after all I am a Visual/Digital Designer not a Developer.

Bonus points! I have worked in IT Support, so can fix the odd computer problem.

check box Education

The true benefits of learning aren’t in school but in our professional life. We know what we are taught in schools is not what happens in the real world. When I was doing my degree Flash was in, now it can be done with HTML5/CSS 3 (HTML is the new Flash (Note: go to the website only if you have nothing better to do!!). A lot of what I know in web design is autodidact, I'm constantly picking up new skills. Still if you think formal education is important, I am educated to a hard-earned degree.

Learning should be a lifelong pursuit, not only to improve ourselves but to keep up with rapidly changing world.

check box Personality

Being a slight introvert I can take ownership of projects and get on with it, but I often like to exchange ideas with others. I have a healthy curiosity streak, you know that constant need to try new things and ask questions? I get on with most people, a friendly face, you will often get a smile :). I crave for opportunities to improve and will come up with ways of doing things better. I do a lot of other things but they are not directly related to design.

I could be making this up so the best way to find out is meet up for a chat, or an interview. This sort of thing comes up in an interview, even a Skype interview!

Thanks for reading. I hope you like what you’ve read so far, if you’d like to get to know me better you could start here or here.


NOTE: Recruitment Agencies please contact me ONLY if you are offering real work, jobs or projects that actually exist.