Looking to be hired

… for the position of Research and Content Assistant

A bit about me!

Hi, I’m Melina.
I work as a Freelance Designer during the day and the rest of the time looking for work related in some way to my passions and interests… which is how I came across this Timbuktu job. Presently living in the Britain but happy to relocate or work remotely.

What you are looking for:

1.  Knowledge and love of all things Africa.

Born, raised and schooled in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) you could say I am a Africa natural. With the knowledge, love and passion for Africa, it’s a place I have always considered home. At least I can say my Swahili is a bit more than ‘hakuna matata’, which I learnt from living in East Africa and not The Lion King.

2.  A keen eye for detail.

For a Designer having a keen eye for detail is a requirement to produce good quality work. Many times it’s the small things that make a difference.

3.  Systemic organisational skills.

Working independently, remotely and on a variety of projects, requires good organisational and planning skills. You not only want to produce quality work but you have to do everything and manage all aspects of the process; from research, generating ideas to development, maintaining and managing.

4.  Familiarity with with Dropbox, Google Docs, Asana and GatherContent.

I often work remotely using Dropbox, Google Docs, Asana, Evernote and a few other project management tools. I have also had to update, develop and manage content management systems (CMS), both commercial ones and custom ones – WordPress, Umbarco and few others.

5.  Work well as an individual and in a team environment.

I work well on my own but equally happy in a team, which allows for a more productive approach to work. Always with a supportive attitude to colleagues. We all know communication is very important for any project, I'm proactive and will always reply to emails and messages or even go and speak to the person!

6. A proactive approach to goals. Enjoy problem solving and working to deadlines.

I enjoy problem solving and actually pretty good at it. Being open minded and intuitive makes it easier to solve problems. I am responsive to deadlines and project schedules, working to deadlines is a requirement to achieve goals and objectives. After working for a major publisher I quickly learnt to multi-task and shift priorities to meet tight deadlines.

7. Above all, have a passion for Africa and travel.

Having a family background of immigrants, travel has been in our blood. I have been to 34+ countries, lived in three different continents and once a year go to a place I haven’t been before. You could say I am passionate for travel.


As for passionate for Africa!

Growing up there made me who I am, had great fun and wonderful adventures, gained an admiration and passion for nature and wildlife, being outside and protecting this wonderful continent. When someone tells me they had a great weekend camping in the English countryside, I try and tell them what real camping is by a fire, watching the stars and listening to sounds of wild Africa… Africa will always have a pull for me, whenever I feel nostalgic for Africa I browse travel sites and Instagram.


…nothing beats Africa!


No doubt this will be a job in demand, I mean who doesn’t want to Research for a travel website, so I've thought of some reasons you could consider hiring me.


Reasons why Timbuktu should hire me:

I may not have the experience working in a traditional travel agency, but then Timbuktu is not a traditional travel agency eithe!. I have transferable skills, I’m also a quick learner. After all when I worked in IT System Support, I had no IT experience, I just enjoyed solving problems and could work my way round a Mac very well. So here’s what I have:

Knowledge & Experience

With 10+ years experience, designing, co-ordinating and updating websites I would definitely be able to assist the website content manager. Having a strong balance of creativity, knowledge and interest in technology, I can combine the two to produce good, usable products and help shape the Timbuktu brand. I am often required to setup, customise and maintain CMS, different platforms. Whenever any design project lands on my desk, the first thing I do is research about the topic, the competitors etc. I have done a great deal of research on travel websites, often doing it for fun and working on personal side projects - Here’s one you could add on Timbuktu, Mauritius: Otentic Eco Lodge (https://otentic.mu/en/), it’s budget, but, it is a different experience, great vibes and locally sourced food, great experience! Researching lodges and experiences comes naturally to me, and of course keeping them up to date – nothing is more annoying than a dated website.

Personality & Attitude

Being a slight introvert I can take ownership of projects and get on with it, but I often like to exchange ideas with others. I have good observation skills and naturally curious, you know that constant need to try new things, see how things work? My empathic nature makes it easy to get on with most people (not great with arrogant and selfish ones!). I’m always on the look out to improve and come up with ways of doing things better.


I could be making this up so the best way to find out is in an interview, this sort of thing comes up even a Skype interview! I’d love to chat with you about the opportunity and really hope you are interested.




Why would I like to join Timbuktu?

I have always wanted to work in the travel industry, sustainable tourism. Timbuktu sounds fun, challenging and it would be great to be involved at the start of something great. I love the idea of working with people that are passionate about what they do. I want to learn from you and with you.

I think Timbuktu is my next challenge!